Jurgita Gerlikaite, summer 2019, Vilnius

Jurgita Gerlikaite participates in exhibitions since 1994, independent artist since 2003. Member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association since 2006.

J. Gerlikaite has held more than 25 solo shows to date in Lithuania and internationally, as well as many group exhibitions.

BA (1998), Art History & Theory, Vilnius Academy of Arts.
Printmaking & Visual Fine Arts (19922006), Vilnius, Reykjavik, Copenhagen.
MBA (2009), Cultural Management & Cultural Policy, Vilnius Academy of Arts.



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Jurgita Gerlikaitė. Vilnius, 2009.

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Selected feedback from collectors & clients:

“We were looking for something contemporary, interesting and something we would never get bored with. We had designers create out interior and trusting our taste, we looked for something that would suit our home and our souls. We visited many painting exhibitions, saw various textile pieces and there were several things which we liked, but decided to take our time and have a look on the internet, as it takes less time to see many different images.
As soon as we saw your pictures, we looked at each other and understood that one of your pictures will adorn our grey wall and delight our hearts. We were captivated by your technique and that in the picture there are many different worlds intertwined and everyone can find something familiar to him. Looking at it you merge with it and can travel through it. You can be a dewdrop, a shadow or a ray of light, you can dance, dream, live in a city or in a countryside. You can feel the silence, hear the rustle of a forest or a din of a city, depending on your mood. Sometimes he is just a dancer, dancing his dance of life, sometimes simply a person enjoying his own space and things dear to him alone. I could continue for a long time, because from the day we hung the picture on our wall, right in front of our dining table, we keep looking at it and find something new every day – a shadow or a new colour, a new form and you interpret it the way you feel that day. Excellent technique and excellently layered images, and not only in this picture, in all of your pictures. The image has always a new meaning, you start living with it, and it creates feelings and emotions.
I saw Mona Lisa once and that was enough. But with your pictures, you can talk with it and every time it’s interesting to find out what it will say this time and what new you will find, depending on your mood. Sometimes we just sit and discuss what which one of us sees in it and feels.
One other thing was, that we wanted a picture by a Lithuanian artist, we just did not know at the time we have such a great one.
Personality was also very important to us, therefore we read and looked through everything we could find about you. When we started to communicate we were delighted by your warmth and therefore we are even more warmly fond of the picture.
Also, the quality of the print and the frame is excellent.
Of all the guests we had, none were left indifferent to it.”
– Vitalija, Paulius and Emutė, Lithuania

“I would like to thank you very much for the beautiful picture. It is very uplifting and the whole family is enjoying it, we have had many good comments from friends as well who have seen it.”
– Atalia, UK

“The artwork creates a very peaceful atmosphere. I practice yoga and meditate, therefore it’s very suitable! It’s full of vivacity, light and related to nature. I am very happy because I was lucky to choose my first perfect picture for my home.”
– Asta, Sweden

“I was very pleased to purchase four images of Dubai which have acted as a focal point for our meeting rooms in the London office which are designated Dubai, Deira, and Jumeirah. They have proved to be very popular with staff and clients alike.”
– Duncan Steele-Bodger, Country Head, UK & Jersey Emirates NBD, London, UK

“I find your Symphony painting very special. It is the spiritual world in your pictures that I find very beautiful.”
– Lisa, Denmark

“We have a couple of your pictures decorating our wall in the living room. They actually get better and better with age.”
– Eirik, Norway


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Visual fine artist

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