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List of artworks and descriptions

  1. Diptych Eden I. Ink, watercolour.
    The seashell in Christian iconography is a symbol of spiritual pilgrimage.
  2. Fountain II.
    From the series of images created in Dubai. Jaume Plensa’s fountain World Voices is a reed-like fountain composed of 196 cymbals, fixed onto slender poles, that represent the 196 countries of the world. Drops of water that fall on each of the cymbals at certain intervals create a distinct timbre and vibration.
  3. In Memory of Admiral Nelson.
    From the Palace of Westminster series of artworks. “The visual imagery of the Crowned Tudor Rose from the heraldic decoration at the Palace of Westminster is set against the mural painting illustrating the death of Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar. It is an image of beauty and of love, whilst also symbolising the nation’s toil in battle and the continuous struggle for survival and freedom.”
  4. Exuberance.
    From the Palace of Westminster series of artworks.
    Energy, ideas, vibrant expression of thought and communication.
  5. Heraldic Lion.
    From the Palace of Westminster series of artworks.
    Power, both power to rule, and power of spiritual awareness and knowledge.
  6. Portcullis House I.
    From the Palace of Westminster series of artworks. “The top of the crowned portcullis symbolising the Palace of Westminster floats against the glazed roof of Portcullis House Atrium. The shapes created against the clear blue sky make visual references to the Scottish Saltire.”
  7. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
    From the Palace of Westminster series of artworks. United Kingdom – the unity of its four countries – England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
  8. Unity.
    From the Palace of Westminster series of artworks. A symbol of the state and unity.
  9. Meditation XIII.
    A feeling of harmony between nature and culture and clarity of thought under the tall dome of a church in Copenhagen.
  10. Meditation IV.
    Meditation on time.
  11. Meditation II.
    Meditation on the process of cosmic creativity.
  12. Meditation III.
    Meditation on water.
  13. Meditation V.
    A meditation on the causes of the explosion of creativity and yearning to communicate.
  14. Meditation XV.
    Meditation on longing.
  15. Meditation XXI.
    Origin of the world.
  16. Metaphysical Reconstruction V.
  17. Metaphysical Reconstruction VII.
  18. Secret Worlds.
  19. Universe.
    From the London series of artwork.


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