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All artworks are available for purchase. International shipping available. 
For bespoke artworks and portraits and for sales enquiries and details, please send 
an e-mail to  jurgita.gerlikaite(at)gmail.com or fill in the CONTACT FORM and I will be happy to answer your questions.

I am looking forward to your comments, please write those at the bottom of the page.
Thank you and I wish you many wonderful experiences.

List of artworks and descriptions

  1. To Björk. Non-toxic intaglio, collage.
    This print is dedicated to the singer and composer from Iceland – Björk.
  2. Triptych City I. Lithography, drypoint.
    One of the prints I made in Reykjavik while studying Printmaking there. Nordic Lights and ever-changing, ever blowing as if from all directions at once wind.
  3. Rain. Non-toxic intaglio.
    Light and darkness, beauty and stoicism in the face of adversity.
  4. A Star. Non-toxic intaglio, collage.
  5. A City in a Desert. Non-toxic intaglio, collage.
    Touching Dürer’s fingertips here, 1497.
  6. A Stela. Non-toxic intaglio.
  7. A Walk. Non-toxic intaglio, collage.
  8. Triptych, Beach I. Non-toxic intaglio, collage.
  9. Triptych Beach II. Non-toxic intaglio, collage.
  10. Triptych Beach III. Non-toxic intaglio, collage.
  11. Sounds. Non-toxic intaglio, monotype.
  12. To Tori Amos. Non-toxic intaglio, collage.
    This print is dedicated to the singer and composer Tori Amos.
  13. Witch Apparitions. Non-toxic intaglio, collage.
    Mirages and apparitions in a desert, inspired by Arabic fairytales and folklore about jinns and various strange creatures living in the sand dunes in the desert, appearing seemingly out of nowhere and vanishing again… Some mischievous, some angry, some curious, some in transit…

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