Welcome to my renewed website. The old one gerlikaite.lt, even though I still own the domain, got misplaced and scattered between different servers and moving, and changes in my own life. I have no regrets, however, it feels quite refreshing to have a new and fresh start, to review all I have done so far, to take into consideration lessons learned and to learn some more. This made me look ahead, plan, envision and start working on my creative goals with a new surge of energy and enthusiasm.

I’ve never had a blog, probably because as an artist I’ve always felt quite exposed as it is. And while it’s important to find a balance between the tension caused by the desire to communicate and the desire to hide and preserve certain distance and mystery if you like, I know that I don’t have to live on the internet, it’s my own choice to have a presence. Now I feel more comfortable sharing my thoughts with you, anonymous reader, and I feel I am ready to say things I have to say not only in highly codified visual language but verbally. It seems my past, beyond my portfolio and experience, is of little significance.

I have written articles for periodicals before, nothing new there, those were typically on art and artists, a book published and interviews I’ve given… The new thing is the directness and immediacy of this kind of communication. I hope with time I will learn to know some of you with whom my thoughts resonate. I’ll write primarily about ideas of a timeless character and various things that comprise my reality and feed my creativity.

I hope to befriend, inspire and possibly help you.
The feature of signing up for the blog updates will be implemented soon. So long and have a lovely day.