Petronele Gerlikiene

Painter and textile artist Petronele Gerlikiene (1905-1979) in her son’s studio. Vilnius, 1977.

My grandmother Petronele Gerlikiene, nee Kromelyte was born in Chicago, the USA in 1905. In 1908, together with her parents, she came back to Lithuania and settled in the village of Mažrimai in Žemaitija region (Samogitia). After retirement, she lived with her son’s family in Vilnius and began to focus on creative work – textile and painting. She also started participating in exhibitions. P. Gerlikiene died in Vilnius in 1979.

Petronele Gerlikiene. Tapestry “A Red Tree”, 1977

In 1985 her name was included in “The Encyclopaedia of Naive Art”, she is the National Treasure of Lithuania. Her paintings and textiles are exhibited in the Lithuania Art Museum, M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum and the Modern Art Centre in Vilnius.

Petronele Gerlikiene. “A Mother”. 1978

Petronele Gerlikiene survived two World Wars, genocide, occupation… yet managed to let the clear and spiritualized image of life’s wholeness break through the commonplace…
More about her in the upcoming documentary.


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