Visions of Nature

All artworks are available for purchase. International shipping available. 

For bespoke artworks and portraits and for sales enquiries and details, please send an e-mail to  jurgita.gerlikaite(at)gmail.com or fill in the CONTACT FORM and I will be happy to answer your questions.

I am looking forward to your comments, please write those at the bottom of this page. 
Thank you and I wish you many wonderful experiences.

List of artworks and descriptions

  1. Equinox Moon.
    Spring and awakening, just a split second before the explosion of life.
  2. Time – continue being.
    Spiritual Manifestations. Never lose yourself!
  3. Equinox Dance.
    The joy of life.
  4. Meditation VII.
  5. Meditation VIII.
  6. Meditation IX.
    All-encompassing, synergetic affection, and warmth.
  7. Meditation XX.
    Meditation on calmness and harmony.
  8. Metaphysical Reconstruction II.
    The intoxicating smell of the forest in early spring, in pairs cells, dividing.
  9. Metaphysical Reconstruction III.
    Signposts in life  a purpose and its light; to overcome barriers and carry on on your path.
  10. Streams.
    Spring! Life-force and ecstatic joy of new love.

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