Happy Christmas & 2020

Vilnius in the mist. No white Christmas here, unusually…

This is the time for wishful thinking, for resolutions and for postulates. For remembering those left behind, those by your side and those yet ahead of you in the mist… And I wish you, my reader, a happy Christmas, traditionally, and a good New Year. May you always find your way in the mist, across a river and up the stairs… May you always choose your own path and find that white line of purpose in the middle of your road to guide you.

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  1. Danutė 29/12/2019

    Tiltas, tikslas kurti ir mylėti. Mylėti, tai nuolat kurti. Sėkmės kuryboje su meile ir per meilę nešančia džiugesį!!! 💖 💖 💖

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