On Confidence

J. Gerlikaite, winter 2019

Confidence actually is an integral part of theta (Greek for thought or the spirit). Real confidence is an integral part of theta, it is theta. At the beginning after realising that I asked myself: How could this be? Sometimes people seem full of confidence… Yet they aren’t. That’s exactly the point, they aren’t. If the being is inherently good, he knows he is doing wrong, awareness cannot be shut off that completely in a being. He knows he lacks confidence in doing some unethical things or being stuck in self-doubt and loathing, that’s why he is crooked, egocentric, demanding. From that stems all kinds of complexities. A truly confident man… true confidence comes from the pure heart, wholesomeness, from knowing one’s core values, being ethical, honest. He does not have to hide, pretend, and pull others down. There is no need for drama. You can clearly see and perceive the self, everything else, incredibly, falls to the wayside, the track, the experiences, and dramas of others… And you can listen to the authentic self, the feel of who you truly are, your own “emanation”. You can listen without flinching. You finally know who you are. There is no need to hide, make yourself bigger or smaller, or try to fit in or pretend. There is an incredible truth to it. And that is confidence. And you suddenly realise there is a whole bunch of us, authentic confident people, just being themselves, some you can’t stand and have nothing to do with, some you feel indifferent towards, some you love, and know at once who is who. And that’s ok. And you can choose your partners accordingly. There is no need to drag someone down by noticing their not so shiny sides and inevitably send such a flow and pull them down emotionally. You can see and know who is who. Relationships can become incredibly authentic, and a possibility of a true match, be it friendship, professional or romantic, much more possible. A confident person knows himself, can perceive things about others and there is beautiful simplicity to that.

P. S. this is just my second entry… I intended to write way more than I did. Life’s been very busy between travels, teas, naps, learning how to create a new blog entry, finally, translating and editing and art materials on the table… Well, let’s say future is bright and dazzling in every way! And that’s what I wish for you too, my reader.

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