Here are several publications with my artwork.


I am particularly happy that my images Equinox Dance and Equinox Moon were selected to illustrate the 7th grade Literature Text Book, a fairy-tale by Lithuanian author Aldona Liobytė Moon-maiden.

I hope that the images and the fairy-tale will inspire the children to become more creative and inquisitive, and that they in turn will mature to be artists.

Literature textbook for 7th grade, 2nd book. Illustrations: Equinox Dance and Equinox Moon. Šviesa, Kaunas, 2009

TARPKULTŪRINIŲ RYŠIŲ IR LYGINAMOSIOS INTELEKTINĖS ISTORIJOS TAKOSKYRA (The Distinction Between Intercultural Relations and Comparative Intellectual History) by Rio Kojima, Kaunas, 2019

For more information about the author, prof. Rio Kojima, please see my newsletter Japan.

KULTŪRA KAIP BŪTIS. Žmonės. Įvykiai. Komentarai. (Culture as being-ness. People. Events. Contexts) by Kęstutis Meškys, Klaipėda, 2013

Cover image: Meditation III.

In Periodicals


Quarterly art and culture magazine Krantai, founded by the poet Vaidotas Daunys, published since 1989. It is a richly illustrated magazine devoted to traditional and contemporary Lithuanian culture and its interactions with world art.
Editor-in-chief Helmutas Šabasevičius

Man and Woman. 2007. Silkscreen, ink, watercolour. Fragment. Krantai cover, 2009 Nr. 3

External Krantai PDF file with the images and poetry by Janina Skučaitė (external link in Lithuanian)


It’s an independent monthly journal of culture published since 1965. The journal aims at discussing the most urgent issues in Lithuanian culture, with a broader perspective on cross-cultural developments.
Editor-in-chief Laima Kanopkienė

Cover picture: Time – continue being. 2009, Nr. 7/8

Kultūros barai achive (external link in Lithuanian)

Kultūros barai magazine (external link in Lithuanian)

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