Here are some of the publications with my artwork. Books I am particularly happy that my images Equinox Dance and Equinox Moon were selected to illustrate the 7th grade Literature Text Book, a fairy-tale by Lithuanian author Aldona Liobytė Moon-maiden. TARPKULTŪRINIŲ RYŠIŲ IR LYGINAMOSIOS INTELEKTINĖS ISTORIJOS TAKOSKYRA by Rio Kojima, Kaunas, 2019 (The Distinction Between […]

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On Meditations Series

Jurgita Gerlikaite’s World of Meditations By Rio Kojima If we were to look for a romantic story in Jurgita Gerlikaitė’s works, we would fall into a trap. The world of Jurgita’s artworks, unanimously appreciated in Lithuania as well as in Eastern and Central Europe, is revealed by the use of various artistic techniques, while the […]

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Happy Christmas & 2020

This is the time for wishful thinking, for resolutions and for postulates. For remembering those left behind, those by your side and those yet ahead of you in the mist… And I wish you, my reader, a happy Christmas, traditionally, and a good New Year. May you always find your way in the mist, across […]

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In this newsletter, I wanted to tell you about my connection with Japan, Japanese culture and its people, and namely history professor at Chubu University in Japan – Mr. Rio Kojima. He miraculously discovered my pictures online and sent me an email back in September 2008: Dear Jurgita, do not be surprised to receive an […]

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Petronėlė Gerlikienė

Petronele Gerlikiene (1905-1979) in her son’s studio. Vilnius, 1977 My grandmother Petronėlė Gerlikienė, nee Kromelytė (June 19, 1905?, Chicago, United States – March 14, 1979, Vilnius, Lithuania), painter and textile folk artist. Together with her parents, she came back to Lithuania and settled in the village of Mažrimai in Žemaitija region (Samogitia) in 1908. After […]

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Wishes for 2019 & Poetry

I wish you a very happy Christmas and a wonderful, creative and prosperous 2019. May it be filled with joy, inspiration, good deeds, spiritual attainment, pleasure moments, love… Jurgita Gerlikaite. The Universe “These spiritual window-shoppers, who idly ask, ‘How much is that?’ Oh, I’m just looking. They handle a hundred items and put them down, […]

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On Confidence

Confidence actually is an integral part of theta (Greek for thought or the spirit). Real confidence is an integral part of theta, it is theta. At the beginning after realising that I asked myself: How could this be? Sometimes people seem full of confidence… Yet they aren’t. That’s exactly the point, they aren’t. If the […]

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Welcome to my renewed website. The old one –  gerlikaite . lt , got misplaced and scattered between different servers and moving, and changes in my own life. I have no regrets, however, it feels quite refreshing to have a new and fresh start, to review all I have done so far, to take into […]

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